Minor Upgrade In Progress

Due to reports that our website had issues on Sunday night we are currently making a patch to fix this. Please note this only affects our website at http://www.NameBright.com and DNS servers are still up and running and having no issues. Your domains and email will continue to work as expected while the frontend of our site gets this needed upgrade. We will update this post when the upgrade is complete.

2 thoughts on “Minor Upgrade In Progress

  1. Update, we have fixed the primary issue. An unintended consequence is that the bulk domain availability might not return all of the domains you enter into the box for now. However, we understand what is happening and plan to have that side effect fixed within a day. All other functions of NameBright are now restored and working as planned. Thank you for your patience.

  2. The final part of this upgrade has been made. We have now fixed the bulk domain check feature. It will run a lot faster and more reliability than the quick fix we had in place yesterday. This update is now complete.

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